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Protecting Your Rights After A Palm Springs Personal Injury or Orange County Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Bicycle or Pedestrian Accident

An Experienced Palm Springs, Palm Desert and Orange County Business Attorney

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California Entertainment Lawyer Sebastian Gibson

A Palm Springs and Orange County Entertainment Attorney Protecting the Rights of Artists in the Entertainment Industry

Palm Springs Personal Injury Accident and Business Attorney Sebastian Gibson

The best word to describe Palm Springs Personal Injury Lawyer, Entertainment Attorney and Palm Springs Business Attorney Sebastian Gibson is “exceptional.”  He’s been called “Brilliant” and “A Legend” and has been named a Top Lawyer year after year.  To his clients, the genuine wit, charm and humor of this California Car Accident Attorney, and his work as an international Business Attorney and a Big Rig and Tractor Trailer Truck Accident Lawyer is beyond repute. His determination to do good for his clients is what makes him so exceptional.

Before graduating cum laude from UCLA, Palm Springs Personal Injury Attorney, Accident, Business and Entertainment Lawyer Sebastian Gibson performed as a musician on stage internationally and on national TV with an Oscar nominated actress.  He would later write and record a musical in London and complete two law degrees, first at the University of San Diego School of Law in California and then magna cum laude at Cardiff University in Wales, Great Britain.

Before forming his own personal injury, business and entertainment law firm in 1984 in Palm Springs, California, Sebastian Gibson first practiced law for many years in San Diego and later with a Wall Street Firm in London. Today, Sebastian’s expertise has resulted him in being named a Top Lawyer in 2018 for the 8th year in a row by the prestigious Palm Springs Life Magazine.  He has written articles for the San Francisco and Los Angeles Daily Journal newspapers and his novel, “Nitt Witt Hill” was named the Satirical Novel of 2012.

His record as a personal injury attorney and business lawyer in Palm Springs and Palm Desert, California has also been prestigious. Throughout the course of his career, he has obtained millions of dollars in settlements for car accident plaintiffs. He is rated as a Superb Lawyer, their highest rating by Avvo, which rates attorneys nationwide.

With law degrees both in California and in Great Britain and now with over four decades of experience in California and in London, clients throughout the world call and email to utilize his experience and knowledge to handle both their U.S. and international matters.

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Palm Springs Personal Injury & Accident Lawyer Sebastian Gibson, the Counsel You Keep in California

On busy California freeways and roads from Palm Desert to Newport Beach, rear end and speeding traffic accidents abound; every year, auto, Uber, Lyft, ride sharing, car sharing, big rig truck, tractor trailer truck and 18 wheeler truck accidents, motorcycle, bicycle, scooter, eBike and uninsured motorist accidents leave personal injury victims with spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and many other serious or catastrophic injuries despite the advancement of self-driving car and new safety features.

You may have lost a family member as a result of one of these personal injury incidents having suffered a wrongful death, or lost your own ability to work as medical bills mount and the need for medical treatment rises as a result of your personal injury. In those accidents involving a pedestrian or someone on a bicycle or motorcycle, you may have been vastly outweighed by the Fed Ex, UPS, Landscape or commercial delivery truck with no chance to get out of the way. After the fact, you can fight back by hiring a Palm Springs personal injury and accident lawyer who is exceptionally dedicated to getting you the compensation you deserve from insurance companies unwilling to play fairly.

Many personal injury cases do not involve vehicles at all but result from dog bites, pit bull attacks, toxic exposure, food poisoning, or slip and fall incidents. Children are especially prone to dog bites while the elderly are susceptible to financial elder abuse and homeowner accidents. Contacting Palm Springs Personal Injury Lawyer Sebastian Gibson as soon as possible is in your best interest as he will not only start gathering the evidence needed for your case, but can also direct you to places where you can get the emergency treatment, physical therapy, chiropractic, and psychological treatment you or your family members may need in Palm Springs, Palm Desert or Indio even if you have no health insurance or Medi-Cal or are a Canadian visitor to the Coachella Valley.

All personal injury accident claims are handled personally by Sebastian Gibson on a contingency basis, which means that you do not pay until your case is settled and we advance all case costs and litigation fees and are reimbursed only if we obtain a settlement or award.

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An Experienced Palm Springs Business Attorney Bringing Clarity To Your Legal Matters

If you operate a business or corporation in California or in London that needs legal advice or representation, the Law Firm of Sebastian Gibson with offices in Palm Desert and Newport Beach offers a wide range of experience in business and civil law including contract preparation and commercial lease review, breach of contract litigation, business fraud, corporate and LLC formation, alcohol beverage control (ABC) licensing matters, trademarks and intellectual property, ride sharing and car sharing businesses and international matters.

Whether your industry is real estate, food and beverages, alcoholic beverages including beer, wine and spirits made domestically or bottled out of state and imported, hospitality, bars and restaurants, a brewery or distillery, construction, third party logistics (TPL), trucking, information technology (IT), warehousing, public storage, solar energy, or a host of other industries, the firm has a broad base of clients and experience that can bring clarity to your case and result in an excellent resolution.

Sebastian Gibson can also help you if you have a real estate, condo or homeowner association (HOA) matter, equine, insurance issue or any type of transaction. Having fought on both the plaintiff and defense sides of cases, Sebastian Gibson has a track record of obtaining millions and millions of dollars and multiple million dollar plus settlements for our clients. To see the types of accidents, personal injury, business and entertainment cases we handle in Palm Springs, Newport Beach, Malibu and from London, see our Practice Areas Page.

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A Uniquely Talented Palm Springs and Orange County California Entertainment Lawyer Protecting The Interests of Artists in the Entertainment and Fashion Industry

Since entertainment is a major industry both in California and in England, many clients need a lawyer who understands the industry with the experience in drafting, review and negotiation of contracts in film, music, television, theatre, publishing, and modeling. We represent actors, sports athletes, musicians, fashion and jewelry designers, models, and artists of all kinds from around the world in their creative and literary endeavors, and handle copyright and trademark infringement, intellectual property (IP) protection, licensing, modeling and talent agency agreements, literary agency and publishing contracts, celebrity endorsements, and publicity and privacy rights of celebrities over misuse of their images in advertising. Entertainment law is a specialized area of business law where you will benefit from working with a firm that is a recognized leader in the field as a result of his experience in the Coachella Valley cities of Palm Springs and Palm Desert, in Newport Beach and all of Orange County, in Malibu, throughout California, in London, Cardiff and throughout Great Britain.

Whether you need legal assistance with car accidents or other personal injury matters, business law, or entertainment law, the law firm of Attorney Sebastian Gibson is ready to assist you. E-mail us at for our office in Newport Beach or call our main office in Palm Desert at (760) 776-1810.

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Palm Springs Accident & Personal Injury, Business, & Entertainment Law

The word that best describes Palm Springs Personal Injury Lawyer Sebastian Gibson and sets him apart from other Palm Springs Personal Injury Attorneys is “Exceptional.” As a one of the Top Lawyers named by Palm Springs Life for the last 8 years in a row, Palm Springs Personal Injury Lawyer Sebastian Gibson has a prestigious history of helping individuals with their car accidents, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, eBike and bicycle accidents, dog bites, wrongful death and other insurance claims, and as a Business Attorney in Palm Desert, with trademark protection and business litigation throughout California.

Today, Sebastian Gibson is one of the most acclaimed Palm Springs car accident lawyers in the desert.  he has been called “Brilliant” and “A Legend.”  If you’ve been involved in a car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian or bicycle accident anywhere in California and need a top Palm Springs car accident attorney to obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries or the death of a loved one, call the Palm Springs personal injury attorney who’s been praised as “Superb” (their highest rating) by Avvo which rates attorneys all across the U.S.

From offices in Palm Springs and Palm Desert, Sebastian Gibson has served as a personal injury lawyer and business attorney to the entire Coachella Valley from Palm Springs and Palm Desert, to Rancho Mirage, Cathedral City, La Quinta, Indian Wells, Indio, Coachella, Thermal, Desert Shores, Salton City, Banning and Cabazon, and in the upper desert from Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree and Morongo Valley to Hesperia, Victorville and Twentynine Palms.

Along the 10 Freeway outside of the Coachella Valley throughout California, Palm Springs Truck Accident Attorney Sebastian Gibson handles big rig, tractor trailer, semi trailer, 18 wheeler and all other types of commercial truck accidents throughout California from Blythe to Cabazon and Banning, past Riverside to Los Angeles, and on other Southern California and Central Coast freeways south to San Diego and Temecula and north to Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Cambria on Hwy 1 toward San Francisco.

From our offices in Corona del Mar within the prestigious coastal community of Newport Beach, as one of the few personal injury attorneys in Orange County with the international expertise of Sebastian Gibson, we serve personal injury, business and entertainment clients in all the cities of Orange County, including Irvine, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana and Orange.

In the food and beverage industry, our firm represents food manufacturers and beverage companies which domestically produce or import food and beverage products ranging from raw cookie dough to unflavored and flavored waters, coffee, beer and alcoholic spirits.  We assist food and beverage clients in obtaining licenses and permits for exports and imports, provide intellectual property protection for their copyrights and trademarks and assist in the proper labeling for their food products and beverages.

Now, with our most recent expansion to Malibu, Entertainment Attorney Sebastian Gibson provides our expertise of over 40 years of experience to clients in the communities of Topanga, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Calabasas, Westlake Village, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and all of Los Angeles.  And as one of the California personal injury lawyers with experience on the Central Coast of California we also serve clients from Ventura to Santa Barbara, Santa Maria San Luis Obispo, Cambria  as well as both the Temecula and Central Coast wine country areas in California.

From our main offices in Palm Desert, California, Attorney Sebastian Gibson offers international business representation, entertainment and personal injury assistance to clients from London, the growing area of Shoreditch within London, and all of Great Britain, Paris, France, Spain, Greece, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and all of Europe, Japan and the Far East.  With years of experience in London as one of the few international business lawyers from California to have practiced in London and with decades of experience in Palm Springs and Palm Desert, Palm Springs Business Attorney is the business lawyer you want to represent your small business or growing corporation anywhere in California and around the world.

If you’ve had an auto, motorcycle, big rig, tractor trailer, 18 wheeler or semi trailer truck collision, pedestrian or bike accident and need a Palm Springs Car Accident Lawyer for your personal injury or need an experienced Palm Springs Business Attorney for your company in the Coachella Valley, in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, or on the Central Coast of California, call Palm Springs Personal Injury Attorney Sebastian Gibson.

Recently named a 2018 Top Lawyer for the 8th year in a row by Palm Springs Life, it’s not surprising Sebastian has also been recognized as a “Superb” Lawyer by Avvo and called one of the “Best and Brightest legal minds” in the desert by Palm Springs Life Magazine.

With law degrees in both California and in Great Britain, and decades of experience in California and internationally as well in areas such as trademark protection, business contracts, trucking and logistics, insurance law, wrongful death litigation, mediation, publishing, modeling and entertainment, information technology (IT), intellectual property (IP) protection, and international law, Palm Springs Business Lawyer and Entertainment Attorney Sebastian Gibson has been one of the attorneys of choice for decades by individuals with the need of one of the experienced car accident, insurance, business and entertainment lawyers in California with the experience to handle matters in a swift and cost effective manner.

With offices in Palm Desert and Orange County and in our most recent extension of our practice to Malibu, Palm Springs Personal Injury Lawyer Sebastian Gibson can meet with you in your home, hospital or business and can also advise you by phone the same day when you need assistance most. Personal injury and accident cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. Our business and entertainment matters in California are handled at an hourly rate, on contingency in certain situations, or on a flat rate which we will endeavor to make affordable to your situation.

Palm Springs Personal Injury Attorney Sebastian Gibson is ready to represent you and help you obtain the resolution you deserve. Serving all of California, from Palm Desert, Newport Beach and Malibu we’re here to represent individuals not only throughout Orange County, Los Angeles and the Coachella Valley, but clients from up and down the state of California and around the world who seek Sebastian’s counsel on a variety of issues including accident and personal injury and business and entertainment law.

Whether you need legal assistance with car or truck accidents or other motor vehicle collisions resulting in a personal injury, need help in the fields of business or entertainment law, the California law firm of Sebastian Gibson is ready to assist you today.

If you’re in need of Sebastian Gibson’s assistance as a Palm Desert Personal Injury Lawyer, a Newport Beach Business Attorney or as a Malibu Entertainment Lawyer for your legal matters in California, Sebastian Gibson is the right choice today for your catastrophic car and big rig truck accident, your business litigation and your entertainment matters throughout California.  As one of the desert’s most acclaimed attorneys, Palm Desert Personal Injury Lawyer and Business Attorney Sebastian Gibson is the counsel you keep for life.

When you’re looking for an exceptional Palm Desert and Palm Springs Personal Injury Lawyer, or if you need a truck accident attorney anywhere from Palm Springs to San Diego or for a truck accident with injuries within Orange County, Attorney Sebastian Gibson is the right choice for you.  And in the event you also need an experienced International Business Attorney or a uniquely talented Entertainment Attorney with experience as an attorney in London and California, the time is now to email us at for representation in Newport Beach, a meeting in our private location in Malibu or a meeting in our main office in Palm Desert, California.

Call us at (760) 776-1810 and personally speak to Palm Springs Personal Injury Lawyer Sebastian Gibson.  Specializing in catastrophic truck, car, scooter, eBike, bicycle, pedestrian and motorcycle accidents, severe dog bite injury cases and wrongful deaths, personal injury attorney Sebastian Gibson is the right choice when you or a loved one has been severely injured as a result of another’s negligence.  If you’ve suffered a serious personal injury, call us today.

If your business needs advice, contracts or litigation from Palm Desert to Orange County, from San Diego to San Luis Obispo, San Francisco and internationally, call Palm Springs and Palm Desert Business Attorney Sebastian Gibson for business legal representation you can count on not only in California but internationally as well.

And when you need entertainment representation as a model, a writer, musician, film producer, director, actor whether as a celebrity or as an artist just breaking into the entertainment industry, modeling or publishing, call California Entertainment Lawyer Sebastian Gibson for entertainment representation you keep for the life of your career.