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Self-driving cars from Tesla and other major manufacturers are coming whether we like it or not.
Many people are saying to themselves, “I’m not buying one of those” or “I’m not giving up my car.” What those people don’t realize is that the car manufacturers have it all figured out already.

Consumers won’t have to give up their present car. They’ll be able to convert it to self-driving for as little as $350 in the future.

Already, most new cars already come with self-driving features such as blind spot alerts or self-braking (at an extra cost, in most cases) although Tesla offers many such features now as standard.

At the Law Firm of Sebastian Gibson, we’ve been at the forefront for years in discussing the potential liability issues of self-driving cars. Now it’s time to look specifically at Tesla’s self-driving cars.

The future will be here before we all know it but the Tesla self-driving car accident law firm of Sebastian Gibson will be there to help you get the compensation you deserve if you or a family member are injured in a collision involving a Tesla self-driving car.

Potential Causes of Tesla Self-Driving Car Accidents

Drivers of self-driving cars and cars with self-driving features are for the present still required to keep their eyes on the road and be ready to take control of their vehicle. But how many drivers of self-driving cars or cars with self-driving features will continue to do so if they believe car company advertising that their self-driving car is safer without their involvement or if they believe that their car can truly operate on autopilot without the need to stay focused on the road themselves?

Sensors on self-driving cars can fail or be improperly installed or replaced. They can also be fooled by an all white truck ahead (although it’s assumed that this flaw will be remedied) or take an ethical action to save the life of one person over another.

Even with the latest technology in cell phones, calls are dropped. The latest computers still crash from time to time. Computers get viruses, they get malware, and they get hacked and it’s been shown that a car’s computer can be hacked as well.

If your car’s computer is hacked, the consequences could be devastating. Say you’re driving along on a freeway at 70 miles per hour or more when your car’s self-driving system that’s allowing you to turn around and play with your child in the back seat is hacked and suddenly shuts off. What will your self-driving car do to remedy your predicament if it has no power to do so?

As one would expect, Tesla’s cars with self-driving features have already had accidents, though not as a result of being hacked to our knowledge. But one self-driving Tesla car has also already had an accident in which the driver was killed when his Tesla vehicle ran into a concrete lane divider.  Two other Tesla cars have been reported to have plowed into parked vehicles.

These Tesla self-driving accidents are indicating there can still be blind spots the sensors don’t recognize. Another manufacturer’s self-driving car accident in particular showed that self-driving software can fail to anticipate the actions of another driver.  And for now, it is a concern whether self-driving cars are able to stop for parked or stationary cars when traveling at common high speeds on freeways and highways.

Palm Springs and Orange County Tesla Self-Driving Car Personal Injury Lawyer Sebastian Gibson

Who Will Be Held Liable When A Tesla Self-Driving Vehicle Causes A California Car Accident and There Are Injuries?

The list of potential defendants in an accident involving a self-driving car can be potentially almost limitless unless the manufacturer and their insurance company categorically state they will accept full liability for any accidents involving their vehicles (and they stick to their promise).

Unfortunately, as more accidents involving self-driving cars occur and their manufacturers look for every possible reason to blame another driver for the accident, we can see that manufacturers of self-driving cars will not be willingly accepting the blame for accidents involving their self-driving vehicles.

Tesla specifically requires their vehicle drivers and owners to acknowledge that they will remain responsible for their car’s operation.

So Who Are The Possible Defendants In A California Tesla Self-Driving Car Accident?

First, there’s the manufacturer. In a Tesla self-driving car accident, that would be Tesla itself but that may only be after thousands or tens of thousands of dollars are spent on experts, and it is determined to be Tesla’s fault. And that’s assuming as well that Tesla is finally made to accept that they’re at fault for the accident and makes a fair settlement or after additional tens of thousands in court fees and attorney fees and costs are incurred, a jury finds them to be responsible.

But the driver of the Tesla self-driving car may also be a potential defendant, especially if he or she was asleep, was not watching the road, and was not ready to take control of the vehicle when they needed to do so, or took control and acted negligently.

The driver or driver of other cars involved in the accident may also be primarily or comparatively at fault.

The Tesla dealer or an independent repair facility may be at fault for negligently repairing the Tesla self-driving car.

An outside party who manufactured a part that failed or who manufactured a system for checking the reliability or operating safety of any part of the Tesla self-driving car may be at fault.

Software manufacturers may also become defendants in Tesla self-driving cars to the extent Tesla utilizes any software developed outside of their own company.

Cities whose traffic signals, road signs, highway markers or other freeway and highway technology fails or misleads a Tesla self-driving car into making an unsafe action may also become defendants in Tesla self-driving car accidents.

The self-driving technology and software in other vehicles communicating their locations and actions to the Tesla self-driving software may also play a part in a Tesla self-driving car accident, thus requiring a Tesla self-driving car accident attorney to name the other car’s manufacturer, the other driver and each of these other potential parties involved with the other car as defendants as well.

One thing is abundantly clear. Unless a Tesla self-driving car accident results in catastrophic injuries or deaths, it may be too expensive for most personal injury attorneys to handle on contingency.

Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot System

Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot system, is promised to be rolled out to Tesla vehicles in December 2016 via an over-the-air update, subject to regulatory approval, and promises great things.

It promises to be able to match speed to traffic conditions, keep the car within it’s lane, change lanes automatically without the driver’s assistance, transition from one freeway to another, exit when the desired location conveyed to the car is near, to self-park and to be summoned to and from one’s garage (presumably raising and lowering the garage door before doing so).

It can be assumed that drivers of Tesla cars with the Enhanced Autopilot system will still be required to acknowledge that they will remain alert and will still be responsible for the car’s operation by keeping both hands on the wheel and be ready to take control of the car when necessary (thus helping Tesla to ensure the driver understands they’re still responsible for the car to the extent they can anticipate when they’re suddenly needed to take control in a car that tends to encourage reliance on it’s technology to keep them from getting into an accident).

Tesla consequently advises its drivers that the autopilot feature does not men that the vehicle will operate itself. The driver, in effect, must work as part of a team along with the Tesla autopilot.

The Enhanced Autopilot system promises even more. By doubling the number of cameras utilized by the Tesla vehicle from four to eight, and using twelve updated ultrasonic sensors, Tesla promises their cars will be able to enable full self-driving with the probability of safely doing so at least twice as safely as the average human driver.

Tesla states that their vehicles operating the Enhanced Autopilot system will be able to navigate even urban streets, with or without lane markings, manage complex intersections with traffic lights, stop signs or roundabouts, and to handle densely packed freeways with cars moving at high speed.

Using self-driving Tesla cars for car sharing and ride hailing for friends and family will still be fine, but for revenue purposes will only be permissible on the Tesla Network, the details of which will be released in 2017.

Tesla’s use of the term “Autopilot” in their Tesla Enhanced Autopilot could, however potentially mislead drivers of Tesla vehicles into believing that the car will indeed drive itself completely on autopilot (as if they can sleep and forget what the car is doing) when the reality is, the driver must remain alert, keep both hands on the wheel and be ready to retake control at any time.

In order to prevent this misconception, Tesla drivers must acknowledge that the autopilot system is not a substitute for the driver, but is rather an assist feature. The driver is advised they need to maintain control and responsibility of their vehicle.

Palm Springs and Orange County Tesla Personal Injury Attorney Sebastian Gibson

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