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Today, celebrity privacy is being invaded on a daily basis

The right of celebrities to privacy is constantly being abused through the misappropriation by others of their name (or one confusingly similar to it), likeness and images.

The right of publicity, the right to control the commercial use of their identity, is constantly infringed.  Celebrity hospital records and other private facts are routinely leaked to the public.  Their seclusion or solitude is intruded upon by photographers. And celebrities are constantly defamed by being put in a false light.

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Palm Springs California Celebrity Attorney Sebastian Gibson

Attorney Sebastian Gibson has had experience representing celebrities in California and internationally in London and Europe.  With law degrees in both the U.S. and the U.K. and experience in Palm Springs California and in London for over 35 years, California celebrity lawyer Sebastian Gibson is the lawyer you want on your side to protect your privacy and publicity rights from Palm Springs to London.

For decades, photographs of celebrities have been used in advertising without the permission of the celebrity.  Stories in tabloids and newspapers from California to Britain routinely link them to inappropriate behavior they had nothing to do with, and they are accused of actions they never took.  Photos are obtained by using  by surreptitious means and their cell phone calls are intercepted.

Anyone can suddenly become a celebrity.  But in order to make a claim for the misappropriation of a celebrity’s name, likeness, voice or image, a celebrity needs to show that the defendant used an aspect of the celebrity’s identity, that it was used for a commercial or exploitative purpose and that the celebrity never gave consent for such a use.

Palm Springs California Celebrity Attorney Sebastian Gibson


Celebrities today include actors, authors, artists, politicians, models, athletes, musicians, singers, television personalities, well-known business executives, and any other of hundreds of types who seek to be in the public eye including reality TV stars. However, to have your privacy invaded, you don’t have to be a celebrity. All you need is a job.

London has in recent years become the venue of choice for celebrities to bring defamation lawsuits, however California is paving the way for workplace invasion of privacy cases.  At the law firm of Sebastian Gibson we have over thirty years of experience in California and in London and Sebastian Gibson has law degrees both in the U.S. and the U.K.

Today, damage awards in many such celebrity and invasion of privacy lawsuits are covered in insurance policies under the category of “advertising injury.”  The term “advertising injury” covers defamation including libel, slander and product disparagement, infringements of copyrights, trademarks, slogans and advertising ideas or a style of doing business, and may include other violations of intellectual property rights such as the unauthorized use of a celebrity’s name, likeness, voice or image.  A violation of a right to privacy is also covered under such policies of insurance as either an advertising or personal injury.

Advertising requires widespread distribution to the public at large.  However, with the advent of the internet, almost anyone can cause an advertising injury with the click of the mouse.  An e-mail sent to a wide enough audience, an entry on Facebook, a tweet on Twitter can all cause advertising injury, as can a statement contained on a person’s or a company’s web site.

Insurance companies have tried to deny coverage from time to time but in the case where a company is involved, an insurance company must prove both that the policyholder either made the defamatory statement or directed the employee to make it, and that the policyholder had knowledge of the falsity of the statement, a situation which is rarely the case.

The Right Choice in Entertainment Lawyers for Celebrities, Sebastian Gibson


The Right Choice in Entertainment Lawyers for Celebrities, Sebastian Gibson

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or an established member of the entertainment industry with celebrity status, finding the right entertainment attorney to guide and develop your career is the best way not only to protect your interests but also to attain the recognition you deserve for your talents.

Sebastian Gibson offers artists in California and internationally of representing celebrity entertainment clients and is ready to assist you in all of your entertainment aspects. We can help whether you need protection against those who would profit from the unauthorized use of your name or image in advertising or need copyright or trademark protection.

We can scrutinize an endorsement deal, review and negotiate a modeling or other agency contract, or draft every type of film production agreement that’s needed in the industry. We can draft artist management contracts, represent you in litigation, or simply provide advice in regards to your aspect of the entertainment industry. We stand ready to assist you in all of your endeavors.

In working with Sebastian Gibson, you’re working with a entertainment attorney who has law degrees both in California and in Great Britain, who was a former musician who performed on the stage internationally and on national TV, the creator of a stage musical recorded in London, a published book author and a writer for California’s top two legal newspapers. He understands the unique difficulties creative people face today and the many ways talented people are taken advantage of.

If you’re a celebrity and you’ve had your privacy invaded, your publicity rights infringed, or had your likeness or image used in advertising without your permission in California or in London, Great Britain or anywhere internationally, call California Celebrity Lawyer Sebastian Gibson at (760) 776-1810.