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Goleta Personal Injury & Car Accident Lawyer, Sebastian Gibson

If you’re one of the thirty thousand people living in Goleta or if you’ve recently had a serious auto, bicycle, pedestrian, motorcycle or truck accident nearby Goleta, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows how to get the most for your injuries, all you’re going through and the cost of medical treatment after your car accident.

For more than a quarter of a century in Southern California and on the Central Coast, Sebastian Gibson has been successfully handling auto, truck, motorcycle, car, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents, dog bites and wrongful deaths.  We’ve recovered millions of dollars for our clients and we provide a level of service few attorneys in California even try to match, including immediate referrals for medical treatment and advice regarding your car or other vehicle damage.

Sebastian Gibson has been recognized by Palm Springs Life Magazine as One of the Top Lawyers of 2013, 2012 and 2011.  He’s been called “Brilliant” and “A Legend.”  If you want a top lawyer on your side, call Sebastian Gibson.  Call us today at (760) 776-1810 or toll free at (855) WHAT NOW.

The Attorney You Want And The Lawyer You Need After An Accident in Goleta

When you call our law firm to discuss an auto accident you had in Goleta or in a city nearby, you’ll speak with Sebastian Gibson from the very start of your accident case.  If you don’t have transportation or can’t take time off of work to come to our office, Sebastian Gibson, not some inexperienced paralegal, will come out to your home, your hospital room or meet you at your place of work or at a nearby restaurant if you need to meet during your lunch hour.

Don’t know where to go to receive medical treatment from a doctor who will wait to be paid out of your settlement?  We’ll direct you where you can get medical treatment even if you have no health insurance.  If you need a specialist, we can refer one to you. Unsure if you should be speaking with the other driver’s insurance company? We’ll take it from there so you don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing.

Need advice about getting your car out of a tow yard, where to have it repaired or which insurance company to go through? Need to know if you can get a rental car?  How you’ll get reimbursed for your deductible if you go through your insurance company? We’ll explain everything to you and deal with the insurance companies on your behalf.

As a law firm which specializes in personal injury and auto accidents, you can feel confident we’ll seek the most we can in compensation not only for what you’ve gone through, but also for any accident related medical problems you may have in the future, for your pain and suffering, your out of pocket expenses and for any wage loss from your accident.

Don’t Be Fooled By Those Insurance Company Commercials

If the police report isn’t ready from your accident, you probably have no idea who the other party’s insurance company is.  The other driver’s insurance company, on the other hand, may soon be calling you, trying to trip you up on a recorded statement in order to pin some of the blame on you or to get you to say you’re fine before you can even identify all your aches and pains.  This may be the point when you realize, you could use a lawyer.

Depending on the level of impact, you’re almost certainly feeling some amount of weakness and pain.  It may even be severe, or getting worse, especially if you were hit on your motorcycle, bicycle or as a pedestrian.  If you can’t work and have no health insurance, you may be worried how you’re going to pay for medical treatment.  You may also have no transportation to get to the doctor.  As you might imagine, insurance companies can take advantage of you in these circumstances.  But we can help you to make it through your ordeal, from beginning to end.

You have a right to be concerned about talking to another driver’s insurance company or even yours when they call.  Despite their warm and friendly image on TV, insurance companies have another more unpleasant side, trust us on this.  And if your car was badly damaged and is in a tow yard piling up storage fees, that not so friendly insurance company may try to stick you for the fees if you didn’t get your car out of there as quickly as possible.

Sebastian Gibson Is The Lawyer To Call For Auto Accidents And Wrongful Deaths

When you hire a personal injury attorney and you’ve had a car accident, you should hire a lawyer who specializes in auto accident cases and an accident attorney who will be there for you all along the way.  The last thing you want is a firm that sends a nameless investigator or paralegal to meet with you whose only concern is signing you up and leaving you without any direction of where to go for medical treatment or who can discuss your rights.

Choosing the right attorney to handle your case and one who will explain all your rights makes all the difference. Named one of the Top Lawyers of  2013, 2012 and 2011 by Palm Springs Life Magazine, and for good reason.

Personal Injury, Motorcycle Accidents, Bicycle And Pedestrian Injuries, And More

For decades when people in Goleta and throughout Southern California have had an auto accident, they’ve called Sebastian Gibson. They know that if they’ve been seriously injured in a car accident, commercial truck accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, bicycle accident or any other type of auto or personal injury accident, their case will be given special attention.

When you call us after you’ve had an auto accident, lost a loved one in a wrongful death, suffered a dog bite, an injury to their child or another family member or suffered a spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury as a result of a personal injury, you can feel confident your case is in good hands when you call our lawyers.

By specializing in car accidents and injury claims, we’ve gained the expertise and knowledge to handle catastrophic injuries, neck and back spinal cord injuries, and brain injuries resulting from major and moderate impact auto, truck, pedestrian, motorcycle and bicycle accidents.

Our personal injury attorneys have had decades of experience handling large and small car and truck accidents, accidents involving children, crosswalk pedestrian accidents, bike lane accidents, uninsured motorist claims, premises liability, and insurance disputes of all kinds.

You can call us for a free consultation whether your accident case involved reckless driving, drunk driving, a hit and run accident, an accidents caused by speed or a distracted drivers using their cell phone to text, a big rig truck accident, and any type of car or other vehicle accident involving fractures, internal injuries, back and neck strains and sprains, herniated or bulging discs, brain injuries, lacerations and scars from broken glass, or simply soft tissue injuries.

While You Take Care Of Just Getting Better, We’ll Tackle The Legal Issues

Once you’ve called our law firm, you’ll know your case is in experienced hands.  Sebastian Gibson’s experience both in California and internationally in handling large matters and personal injury cases makes him one of California’s most uniquely talented attorneys.  He’s been frequently interviewed on radio and TV for his expertise and wit, and is the author of thousands of articles on the internet.  Sebastian Gibson has also written for the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal newspapers and is the author of a recently published book in 2012.

With millions of dollars in settlements for his auto accident clients and families who’ve lost a loved one in a wrongful death, Sebastian Gibson is an attorney you can count on to fight for your rights and understand your needs. He also has a rich sense of humor and a genuine warmth clients appreciate and which shows in the concern he has for them, long after their case is settled.

We’ve gained a reputation for the determination we have to make sure the accident victims who come to us receive the compensation they deserve.  It’s no accident Sebastian Gibson has been named as a “Superb” Lawyer by Avvo, which rates attorneys throughout the U.S.

A Uniquely Experienced Lawyer On Your Side, Watching Out For Your Interests

Over the years, our personal injury lawyers have seen how a single instant can have a long-lasting effect on your life and those around you.  We know just how important it is for you to get your car fixed or totaled quickly so you can to the doctor and get back and forth to work.  Because it’s so critical, we’ll refer you to medical providers for your injuries as quickly as possible if you need to know where to get care on a lien basis.

While you focus on getting better, we’ll deal with the insurance company adjusters.  Don’t worry about an insurance company who may be trying to find some way to blame you for the accident by claiming you were speeding, jumped a light or backed into the person who rear ended you.  We’ll deal with that in short order.

When It Matters Most To You, Call Sebastian Gibson For Your Goleta Accident

The time to act is now, before crucial evidence is lost or there’s a gap in your medical treatment.  Don’t let an insurance company conclude your case can be resolved for pennies on the dollar because you’re unrepresented, or determine your case has little more than nuisance value. Click on the “Get Help Now” button or call the number at the top of this page for a free consultation and immediate help.

If you’ve been injured in a car, truck, bicycle, pedestrian or motorcycle accident in Goleta and need a top personal injury lawyer to get the compensation you deserve, call Attorney Sebastian Gibson toll free at (855) WHAT NOW for a free consultation.

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