Palm Springs Personal Injury Lawyer Sebastian Gibson

Sebastian Gibson

Palm Springs Personal Injury Lawyer Sebastian Gibson, The Right Choice After A Car Accident, Big Rig or Tractor Trailer Truck Crash, A Motorcycle, Bicycle, or Pedestrian Accident, Motor Vehicle Accident, Any Type of Personal Injury, Dog Bite or Wrongful Death in Palm Desert, Indio, and anywhere in the entire Coachella Valley and Orange County

Call Palm Springs Personal Injury Attorney Sebastian Gibson for Your Auto Accident, Motorcycle, 18-Wheeler Truck Crash, Pedestrian, Bicycle and Wrongful Death Accidents, Pit Bull Attacks, Dog Bites, Hit and Run Accidents, Traumatic Brain Injuries and Uninsured Motorist Insurance Claims

Contact our Palm Desert office as well for Business, Real Estate, Civil Litigation, Contracts, Corporations, Company Law, Construction, Coachella Valley Homeowner Association Matters, Restaurant and Hotel Hospitality, Food and Wine Law, ABC Licensing, Insurance Bad Faith, Police Misconduct, Sexual Discrimination, Lemon Law and International Disputes

And When You Need An Experienced Entertainment Attorney in California for All Things Creative – International Film, Music, Modeling, Publishing, Celebrities, Publicity Rights, Fashion and Jewelry Design, Copyrights and Trademarks, Turn to Sebastian Gibson, A Civil Attorney in Palm Springs, Palm Desert and Orange County You Can Trust

When you need to make the right choice for business matters, contracts, insurance, film, publishing, modeling, sports law, entertainment, trademarks, real estate, homeowner association matters, international law, company law or an auto accident, call Attorney Sebastian Gibson for superior representation from our two offices in Palm Desert and Newport Beach.

Whether you need a Palm Desert or Palm Springs personal injury lawyer to represent you for an auto accident or any other accident with a motor vehicle that needs to be handled right from the start, or you need a business attorney for your corporate matters, a contract or litigation dispute in California, consider the experience and qualifications of Palm Springs business and personal injury lawyer Sebastian Gibson.

With law degrees in both California and Great Britain and millions and millions of dollars in personal injury settlements obtained on a contingency fee basis for our car accident and wrongful death victims with millions more saved for clients in their businesses, insurance, real estate, homeowner association matters, and in the entertainment industry for American, Canadian and English individuals and companies, you can feel secure with Sebastian Gibson on your side.

If the time has come for you to hire a Palm Springs personal injury attorney wherever you live in California for a car, motorcycle, pedestrian, bicycle or truck accident anywhere in Southern California, it’s time to speak to Sebastian Gibson and put our expertise to work at protecting your best interests.  When success means everything, call Sebastian Gibson at (760) 776-1810 or (855) WHAT NOW.

You can feel confident you’ve made the right choice of civil lawyer for any type of auto accident or insurance claim, for business contracts and corporate and company law, for film, music, publishing, modeling, sports and entertainment law, copyrights, trademarks, and homeowner association law when you retain attorney Sebastian Gibson.

If you’re an attorney or lawyer who need to refer a large personal injury case in Palm Springs or anywhere in the Coachella Valley or in Orange County, call us.  We accept referrals from attorneys and lawyers in accordance with the rules set forth by the State Bar of California.

All personal injury cases are taken on a contingency fee basis.  We will visit you in your home or hospital and we advance all case costs in your case.  If we are not successful and obtain either a settlement, mediation, arbitration or jury award, there is no fee nor any costs payable.

Life is the most precious thing we have. If your life has been altered by a personal injury accident or if you’ve lost a loved one in a wrongful death, call us so we can help you begin the healing process.

A History of Large Settlements for Victims of Car, Truck and Pedestrian Accidents, Dog Bites and Pitt Bull Attacks, Business and Copyright and Trademark Infringement Litigation

Palm Springs personal injury attorney Sebastian Gibson has a history of large personal injury, insurance, business and intellectual property settlements.  Here are just a few examples.

For a member of the military who was in an auto accident and who required three surgeries but who recovered well and returned to work without problem, Sebastian Gibson obtained over $900,000.

Palm Springs personal injury lawyer Sebastian Gibson obtained well over a million dollars for a hard working Hispanic gentleman who was loading a truck in the street, hit by a car and pinned against the truck.  Our client suffered multiple fractures but had an outstanding recovery.  With most of his medical bills paid by MediCal, we still obtained over a million dollars for our pedestrian injury client.

In a copyright and trademark infringement case, with his expertise as a copyright attorney and trademark lawyer, Palm Springs business attorney Sebastian Gibson obtained over a million dollars in settlement as well for his client.

And now in April 2015, La Quinta dog bite lawyer Sebastian Gibson has done it again with possibly one of the most gratifying dog bite settlements for quite some time, obtaining $255,000 for the victim of a Pit Bull attack.  While that clearly isn’t as large as Sebastian Gibson’s million dollar settlements, the facts of the case make it an exceptional settlement and show that even without being run over by a truck as a pedestrian, an injury victim can still obtain a very significant settlement when they’re represented by a top attorney.  To learn more about this recent settlement by one of the desert’s top personal injury lawyers, see below.

The cities of La Quinta and Indio, California have a history of Pit Bull dog attacks and dog bite victims being attacked and bitten by Pitt Bulls. But a dog bite can occur anywhere and when you lease expect it and it isn’t just Pit Bulls that cause these injuries.  Our dog bite victims from Indio and Coachella to Palm Springs have been children and adults. They have been attacked while playing, while walking their own dogs and while at work, be it as a pool service person or while cleaning an employer’s home.

If you need an experienced Coachella Valley dog bite attorney for a dog bite you’ve suffered or for a family member who’s been the victim of a dog attack anywhere in California, call a Palm Springs dog bite attorney with the experience to get you the settlement you deserve.  Call Palm Springs personal injury attorney Sebastian Gibson.

Making The Right Choice of Civil Business Attorneys in Palm Desert and Personal Injury Lawyers in Palm Springs

Where do you find a top Palm Springs personal injury attorney for a car and motorcycle collision who takes matters on a contingency fee basis?  Where can you find an international business lawyer in California with extensive knowledge and experience in England and Europe? Consider the following qualifications of Attorney Sebastian Gibson.

Sebastian Gibson has been named one of the Top Personal Injury Lawyers of 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 by Palm Springs Life Magazine the last five years running.  Sebastian Gibson has just been chosen one of the Top Personal Injury Lawyers of 2015 by Palm Springs Life Magazine yet again.

With over 35 years of experience, he’s been rated as a “Superb” Lawyer by Avvo, which rates lawyers across the country, and given their highest rating.

Sebastian Gibson has two law degrees, one in California and one in Great Britain and graduated magna cum laude in the U.K.  With previous offices and experience in San Diego, Manhattan Beach, San Luis Obispo, Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage, Sebastian Gibson has a wealth of experience in California.

Sebastian Gibson has additional years of experience representing royal family members, multi-national corporations and foreign government agencies in London, England, and today has the international experience to represent major companies as well as individuals throughout the world.

Before getting his two law degrees, Sebastian Gibson graduated with a B.A. cum laude from UCLA.  After completing his second law degree in California (his first being a law degree in Wales, Great Britain), Sebastian Gibson practiced in San Diego before moving to London to practice as an international attorney.

Today, from offices in Palm Desert and Newport Beach, California, Sebastian Gibson represents business and personal injury clients in California and practices personal injury, business, entertainment and international law representing individuals, businesses, models, writers, entertainers and performing artists in the U.S. and internationally.

Sebastian Gibson is the author of thousands of articles on the internet and for legal research websites such as

He’s been a writer for the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal, the two largest legal newspapers in California with numerous articles published in both newspapers.

Sebastian Gibson has obtained millions of dollars in personal injury settlements and has saved millions more for corporate and Canadian insurance clients he’s defended and advised.  As an insurance defense lawyer, he’s represented English, U.S. and Canadian insurance companies in litigation in California and across the U.S.

A uniquely talented entertainment lawyer in California, Sebastian Gibson has not only represented authors, performing artists, models, sports figures and celebrities in California, but also obtained a very substantial though confidential settlement for copyright infringement.

While representing clients throughout California, Sebastian Gibson has also become an acclaimed published novelist and been called “Brilliant” “Hilarious” and “A Legend.”

Catastrophic Accidents and Traumatic Brain Injuries From Car Accidents in California

You’ve seen them on your way to the grocery and to work – reckless and dangerous drivers roaring past you, changing lanes and weaving in and out of traffic lanes, and drunk drivers who blow past red lights on their way to colliding with an innocent pedestrian or bicyclist, another car filled with passengers or a careful rider on a motorcycle following the rules of the road.

When such accidents occur, they often cause catastrophic injuries including severe and traumatic brain injuries and wrongful deaths to other drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists and passengers.

Even if the driver cited for causing an accident has no insurance as many drunk drivers fail to have, if you have uninsured motorist coverage, we may be able to pursue a claim under your own auto insurance policy, without affecting your insurance rates.  Additionally, the accident may be the result of negligence by a government or public entity for creating a dangerous condition, such as an unsafe bus stop or crosswalk.

If you or a loved one has suffered such an injury, call Palm Springs Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Sebastian Gibson and let us evaluate your case without charge.  You don’t have to suffer such a tragedy alone.

Representing Canadians and Canadian Insurance Companies

Recognized for his exceptional knowledge and experience in the field of insurance, Palm Springs insurance attorney Sebastian Gibson has been sought by Canadian insurance companies and over the years has provided both litigation support and advice to them across the U.S. when they need legal assistance and need it from a top California insurance lawyer they can count on to act quickly and decisively.

Sebastian Gibson also frequently represents Canadian citizens against American insurance companies who come to the desert and who are unfortunately hurt in an auto accident or premises liability accident.  Canadian travel insurance companies have also come to realize Sebastian Gibson can provide them with invaluable service in their negotiations with U.S. hospitals and in litigation with other insurance companies.

If you’re Canadian, British, Welsh, Irish, English, Scottish or anywhere from Europe to Asia or Australia and you’ve been injured anywhere in California, no matter what your nationality, Sebastian Gibson is the personal injury lawyer in Palm Springs, Palm Desert and Orange County you want on your side in a personal injury or insurance matter.

An Experienced Palm Springs Civil and Palm Desert Homeowner Association Attorney and Real Estate Lawyer in the Coachella Valley

Sebastian Gibson is also a homeowner association attorney for the Coachella Valley representing the interests of individual homeowners against their homeowner associations. from Palm Springs to Palm Desert and Indio.  If you need a Palm Springs homeowner association lawyer with the experience of a real estate broker anywhere in the Coachella Valley, turn to Sebastian Gibson.

In the Coachella Valley, as in other parts of California homeowner associations generally have the right to not only seek past due homeowner association dues from you in a lawsuit but also to add to their claim against you, all of their attorney fees and costs.  This is also the case if you have a dispute with your homeowner association and they involve their attorneys.  Before you get into a dispute with your HOA anywhere in the Coachella Valley over past due homeowner fees, a violation or a dispute of any kind, call our office.

Additionally, if you have a real estate matter that requires the knowledge of an experienced Palm Springs real estate lawyer or an attorney for a real estate matter in Orange County or anywhere in California, call us.

Choosing a Top Palm Springs Personal Injury Lawyer for a Car Accident Insurance Claim or A Civil Attorney For A Business Matter Is Easier than You Think

If you have a business or corporate matter that requires urgent attention, call attorney Sebastian Gibson at (760) 776-1810 or (855) 942-8669. From business disputes, to the drafting of business contracts, business litigation, business formation, limited liability companies and corporate matters, corporation minutes and shareholder agreements, business leases, real estate and homeowner association disputes, non-disclosure litigation, business fraud, copyright and trademark applications and infringement litigation, the Law Firm of Sebastian Gibson is the firm to call.

Sebastian Gibson is one of the few business attorneys in California with law degrees in both the U.S. and in the U.K. and years of international experience. California International Attorney Sebastian Gibson can assist you not only with your auto accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle injury, big rig truck collision or pedestrian crosswalk injury, but also with all your international and business needs as well.

If you need a top Palm Springs personal injury attorney or insurance lawyer who has represented insurance companies in London as well as in Canada and who knows their inner workings and can put that knowledge to use for you, call Sebastian Gibson.

An Auto, Truck, Motorcycle, Pedestrian and Bicycle Accident Lawyer To Get You the Insurance Settlement You Deserve

From Palm Springs, Palm Desert and Indio to Newport Beach, we cover all of Southern California and the entire Coachella Valley providing representation to car accident and business clients.  In the Coachella Valley, we represent clients in La Quinta, Indian Wells, Coachella, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree and especially in Twentynine Palms where so many car accident victims are injured or their families suffer from a family member’s wrongful death accident on Highway 62. We also represent victims of truck accidents on the I-10 freeway and other Southern California freeways where so many accidents occur involving big rig, tractor trailer and 18-wheeler trucks.

Practicing as we do throughout Orange County and all over California, over the years our lawyers have sadly seen a tremendous number of car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle and truck accidents up and down the state.

Don’t be treated as just another statistic by an insurance company. Stand out from the crowd with Palm Springs Auto, Motorcycle, Truck, Pedestrian, Bicycle and Wrongful Death Accident Attorney Sebastian Gibson on your side.

An Attorney Others Call When They Need A Top Personal Injury, Insurance, Entertainment, Real Estate, Trademark or Business Contract Lawyer in Palm Springs, Palm Desert or Orange County

With offices in Palm Desert, and in the village of Corona del Mar in the city of Newport Beach, Sebastian Gibson handles a wide variety of legal matters.  One of the most followed attorneys on Twitter and Google Plus in California for his wit and humor, it’s no accident he is the auto accident attorney individuals, other lawyers, businesses and personal injury victims throughout California call for advice and outstanding and exceptional results for their car accidents and business disputes.

Sebastian Gibson’s legal articles on are some of the most interesting and informative legal articles on the internet.  Just in the first few months of 2015, Sebastian Gibson has authored legal articles on subjects which have included civil law, auto and bicycle accident dangers, motorcycle collisions on dangerous roads, freeway truck crashes, pedestrian hit and run wrongful deaths, Legionnaires’ Disease, steps to take when searching for a missing child or missing teen, uninhabitable and unhealthy conditions of rental properties, autonomous self-driving vehicle accident liability, cottage food operations under California’s Homemade Food Act, the most dangerous highways in Orange County, the use by celebrities of copyright and trademark law, new laws to help sexual abuse victims in California, satire and parody law in California and England, publicity rights and privacy rights in California, representation of comic book writers, pedestrian fatalities and injuries in the Coachella Valley, California’s new bike law, bus crashes in Palm Springs and Palm Desert, California Highway 74 motorcycle injuries and fatalities, California Highway 86 injuries and fatalities, I-10 big rig crashes and tractor-trailer rollovers, Twentynine Palms marine accidents and fatalities on California Highway 62, and doing business in Cuba.

One of the Most Well Known Motorcycle and Auto Accident Lawyers in Palm Springs and One of the Most Uniquely Talented Business Attorneys in the Desert

For more than a quarter of a century, Sebastian Gibson has been successfully handling personal injury auto, truck, motorcycle, car, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents, dog bites, wrongful deaths, business, corporate, internet and international matters from offices in Palm Springs, Palm Desert and Orange County.  We’ve recovered millions of dollars for our personal injury clients and we provide a level of service few attorneys in California can match.

Over the years, our Palm Springs personal injury lawyers have represented clients damaged in business torts, injured in negligent accident torts and we pursue litigation for clients injured in traffic accidents, rear end accidents and uninsured motorist cases, in commercial truck and big rig truck collisions and in accidents involving public entity and government vehicles.  With law degrees and decades of experience both in the U.S. and internationally working in London and other foreign capitals, Sebastian Gibson is the personal injury attorney you want on your side when you have a matter that requires a successful conclusion.

In the Coachella Valley, in Orange County, in Palm Desert, in Corona del Mar office and in Newport Beach, Personal Injury Attorney Sebastian Gibson has been providing personal injury assistance in California since 1984 to victims of car accidents and other personal injury accidents in which our clients have been injured in their autos, on their bicycles, on motorcycles or as pedestrians and assisting individuals and businesses with their litigation, contracts, trademarks, real estate and entertainment law needs.

Internationally, in California and across the U.S., Sebastian Gibson has decades of experience successfully handling legal matters for insurance and corporate clients that has earned him a reputation far beyond Southern California.  We draft business agreements and contracts in a wide variety of areas including international business contracts, and handle business disputes, contract disputes, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, entertainment disputes and other civil disputes.

Other areas Sebastian Gibson specializes in handling in the entertainment area include misappropriation of images for advertising, infringement of publicity and privacy rights of a celebrity, interference with contractual relations, interference with a prospective advantage, misappropriation of intellectual property, defamation defense, and other anti-competitive practices.

In contract and business litigation matters, Palm Springs business lawyer Sebastian Gibson excels in breach of contract cases, fraud litigation and misrepresentation matters.  In the personal injury field, Palm Desert personal injury attorney Sebastian Gibson focuses his practice on auto, motorcycle, pedestrian and bicycle crashes, big rig and tractor trailer truck accidents as well as with catastrophic injuries whether they result from dog bites, animal attacks, motor vehicle accidents, other types of personal injuries or wrongful deaths.

An Experienced Palm Springs Film and Entertainment Attorney for Modeling Contracts, Publishing, Publicity Rights and Entertainment Law

With decades of experience with business and entertainment matters of all kinds throughout California and with international matters during his years in London, Sebastian Gibson has decades of experience in entertainment law and specializes in pursuing privacy and publicity rights litigation for misuse of celebrity images in advertising which makes our law firm a perfect fit both for corporate advertisers and celebrities.

As an experienced California modeling attorney Sebastian Gibson also has decades of experience representing models from across the United States and internationally and his legal articles on the subject of modeling law and model management contracts are among the most read on the internet.  If you or a family member have just been offered your first modeling agency or model management contract, we can quickly review it for you, advise you whether you should sign the contract or look for one with another model management agency and answer all of your questions.

From offices in Newport Beach, Sebastian Gibson specializes in publicity rights and privacy rights litigation for the unauthorized use of an individual’s photos, image, name or voice in advertising of products and services, for damage to an individual’s or celebrity’s reputation and future potential for earnings, and for violations of their intellectual property rights, and for such violations on the internet.  We’re also one of few law firms with knowledge not only in art law, music law, film and television, but over the years we have represented entertainers, athletes and sports figures in California.

Civil Litigation, Intellectual Property, and Trademarks – Experience You Can Count On When Looking for the Right Personal Injury Attorney or Business Lawyer in Palm Springs and Orange County

As an intellectual property attorney and entertainment lawyer, attorney Sebastian Gibson can assist you in the areas of film and television, music, literary rights, publishing, modeling law, misuse of photos in violation of California publicity and privacy rights, sports law, copyrights, trademarks, copyright infringement and trademark infringement, celebrity representation, privacy and publicity rights and misappropriation of image, licensing, intellectual property, art, fashion and jewelry design, apparel design, and trade secrets.  If you’re looking for a business lawyer with a wealth of knowledge and experience for your legal matters, consider Sebastian Gibson.

When You Need a Palm Desert Homeowner Association Attorney, Call Sebastian Gibson

In real estate, construction and homeowner association matters, Palm Springs homeowner association attorney Sebastian Gibson can assist you with real estate contracts, construction and construction defects, HOA associations, real estate non-disclosure, tribal law, gaming and tribal real estate, as well as with agriculture, wine law, solar energy, wind energy, water rights, toxic exposure, energy law, solar lease agreements, environmental law, land leases, endangered species issues, and equine and horse law.  Sebastian Gibson is the homeowner association lawyer and real estate attorney people turn to all across California for assistance with their homeowner and condo association matters.

With the knowledge of having had a California real estate broker’s license for years as well, Palm Springs homeowner association attorney Sebastian Gibson also has the experience in real estate to assist you with all of your real estate matters in the Coachella Valley and throughout California.  With knowledge from both the aspect of the real estate professional as well as an attorney turned to for advice and litigation when a real estate deal turns sour, attorney Sebastian Gibson can assist you with a breach of contract, non-disclosure claim or any other real estate matter in Palm Springs or Orange County that requires litigation or mediation.

For years we’ve been helping individual homeowners and condo owners with their homeowner association disputes and advising them when their homeowner associations, management companies and board members have failed to serve them as they should or when they’ve violated their CC&R’s.  If you want a truly independent law firm in the Coachella Valley that only represents individuals and not homeowner associations, call the law offices of Sebastian Gibson.

The Right Choice for Your Family After A Catastrophic Accident, Palm Springs Wrongful Death Attorney Sebastian Gibson

With Palm Springs Wrongful Death lawyer Sebastian Gibson, you can rest easy knowing that the legal consequences of the senseless act that took the life of your loved one are being handled by an experienced wrongful death lawyer.

Any wrongful death in a family or to their loved one is a devastating event. It’s never an event that can be prepared for and it’s always a tragedy when it comes out of the blue as it does in most instances. But when you retain Palm Springs wrongful death attorney Palm Sebastian Gibson, we’ll guide you along through the maze of laws that apply to this area of law that so few attorneys really understand and the emotional consequences that come along with such a painful event.

Types of Wrongful Death Cases Our Law Firm Handles in the Coachella Valley, Orange County and Throughout California

While our California wrongful death law firm doesn’t take medical negligence wrongful death cases, we do handle all types of wrongful death accidents, including those in which the life of another is wrongfully taken in an auto or car accident, truck accident, bicycle accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, or any other type of vehicle accident including those involving big rig 18-wheeler or tractor trailer trucks, delivery trucks, buses, casino buses or school sports team vans.

We also handle wrongful death cases when they result from construction accidents, on the job failures to provide proper security, from the use of defective products and in other situations including falls, premises liability accidents, dog and animal attacks, drugs whose side effects can cause a person to commit suicide, parking structure accidents, building collapses, contaminated food or drugs, boat and cruise ship drownings, airplane disasters, helicopter crashes and sightseeing plane crashes.

Our California Wrongful Death Reduced Contingency Fee

Most wrongful death contingency lawyers handle wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis of one third (33 1/3 percent) from the very first moment until such time as the case settles, and then their fee rises to 40% from the moment the case is filed or goes to trial. Some attorneys even charge 40% from day one, even if they obtain a settlement within the first month.

At the Law Firm of Palm Springs wrongful death lawyer Sebastian Gibson, we offer a reduced contingency fee on all wrongful death claims and cases, no ifs, ands or buts. We advance all the costs associated with your case and we’re reimbursed for those costs (such as the cost of obtaining hospital records or court filing fees) only if we obtain a settlement or an award through mediation, arbitration or trial.

Our initial contingency fee is 25% and this is the contingency fee all the way up to the time we either have to file your lawsuit or we proceed to mediation. Over Ninety-five percent (95%) of our cases settle before we have to file a lawsuit or go to mediation, so this is the contingency rate that applies instead of the considerably higher fees you’ll pay with most other wrongful death law firms.

If we do have to file your lawsuit or go to mediation, our contingency fee rises to one-third (33 1/3%) instead of the 40% many other wrongful death lawyers want to charge you. Only in the rare instance when if it becomes necessary to go to trial (which requires months and months of preparation), does our contingency fee rise to 40%.

Recognized As A Top Palm Springs Personal Injury Attorney and Experienced Civil Lawyer in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indio and Throughout the Coachella Valley by Avvo and Palm Springs Life Magazine

If you’re searching through websites on the internet and need to find a business lawyer to handle a breach of contract dispute or other business matter, consider the qualifications and experience of Attorney Sebastian Gibson.  When you need quick action to file or defend a lawsuit by a top Palm Springs personal injury lawyer, consider us as well.

We understand how important your case is.  We know your case is that one auto accident, truck accident, bicycle, motorcycle or pedestrian accident or dog bite that means everything to you and your family

Palm Springs personal injury lawyer Sebastian Gibson has the determination and wit to make sure our accident victims receive the compensation they deserve for the needless suffering that has taken place in their lives following an accident. There are many reasons why this attorney has been chosen one of the Top Lawyers for the past five years in a row by Palm Springs Life Magazine and why he’s just recently been chosen as one of the Top Lawyers again in 2015.  There are even more reasons why Sebastian Gibson has been named a “Superb” Lawyer and given their highest ranking possible by Avvo, which rates attorneys throughout the U.S.

The time to act and retain one of the top Palm Springs personal injury attorneys in the Coachella Valley for a bicycle, pedestrian or car accident is now, before your injuries become worse and more time passes before you receive the right medical care and legal advice you can count on.  Call Sebastian Gibson at (760) 776-1810 or (855) WHAT NOW for a free consultation or to make an immediate appointment for your Orange County or Palm Springs personal injury car accident, business or entertainment matter or to discuss any type of contract or civil litigation.

Your California Company Lawyer for British, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Australian and English Companies Expanding Into the U.S.

Today, companies in England are exhibiting a great degree of innovation in their products and services and many are beginning to realize how profitable it could be to expand their business to California and throughout America.

With law degrees both in Great Britain and California, and decades of experience working as a lawyer both in London and in California, Sebastian Gibson is one of the few attorneys in the U.S. with this unique combination of knowledge and experience best able to represent companies from Great Britain who want to expand their business enterprises in California and elsewhere in the United States.

We can assist you with your corporate formation in California or in other states, assist with business licenses, permits and other legal and financial issues and with the protection of your intellectual property in the U.S.   Once you retain our firm, Sebastian Gibson can serve either as outside counsel to your company or as your General Counsel to your foreign corporation doing business here in the U.S.

Whether your company is situated or doing business in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland or anywhere in Europe, Australia or elsewhere in the world and you’re considering expanding to the strong American market, call us so we can assist you in your desire to grow your business and create a strong presence in the U.S.

The Lawyer To Turn To For Your Auto, Truck, Motorcycle, Pedestrian, Bicycle and Wrongful Death Accidents, Your Business and For All Your Creative Endeavors Throughout California

With law degrees and experience in California and Great Britain, attorney Sebastian Gibson is uniquely talented to represent you. You can turn to Sebastian Gibson for all things entertainment, and creative, as well as for personal injury car accidents and business contracts for your company.

For decades, clients have trusted us for car accidents, motorcycle, pedestrian, bicycle and truck accidents. You can rely on us for cycling and bike racing accidents and motorcycle accidents wherever yours has occurred.   We’ve studied the number of bike and motorcycle accidents on Highway 74 in Palm Desert and even published our research on these accidents and their resulting injuries and fatalities.

Clients also come to us for auto accidents involving speed, for hit and run accidents, for big rig, tractor trailer and 18 wheeler truck accidents and accidents caused by drunk drivers.  As the number of hit and run car and pedestrian accidents rises throughout parts of California, clients have asked us to investigate their family’s hit and run fatalities.

If you’ve been injured on Highway 62, we’ve studied the number of injuries and fatalities on that dangerous highway and published our findings on the internet.  And if you’ve been injured on Highway 86 in Coachella, we know the dangers of that highway as well.

Named as one of the top personal injury lawyers in Palm Springs and the desert area now for the past five years, Sebastian Gibson is your big rig, tractor trailer and 18-wheeler truck accident lawyers for accidents in the I-10 and other freeways throughout California.

If you’re looking for the right Orange County or Palm Springs personal injury attorney for you and your loved ones or the right business lawyer for your company, call Sebastian Gibson and put over 35 years of experience on your side.

No matter where you’ve been injured or need business advice and representation, if you need a business lawyer for your company, an international attorney for your film or entertainment endeavors or a personal injury lawyer in Palm Springs, Palm Desert or Newport Beach for an auto, truck or motorcycle accident, a pedestrian or bicycle collision, a catastrophic wrongful death or dog bite in the Coachella Valley, Orange County and throughout California , call Attorney Sebastian Gibson today at (760) 776-1810 or toll free at (855) WHAT NOW.

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