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Personal injury accidents can be complex and can require expert testimony regarding the specific type of vehicles involved in your accident. The actions of the other driver may need to be evaluated by a safety expert. You may need an accident reconstruction expert. You will almost certainly need medical specialists such as orthopedic, neurologic and pain management specialists.

At the offices of Palm Springs Personal Injury Accident Attorney Sebastian Gibson serving Palm Springs, Palm Desert and all of the Coachella Valley and Orange County, we can take the load off of your shoulders as we track down witnesses, obtain traffic reports, driving records, locate and copy medical records and bills and deal with the insurance company or insurance companies involved in your personal injury car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, bicycle or your family member’s wrongful death accident.

We will also correspond with your medical insurance company paying the bills from your car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian or bicycle accident as well as with Medi-Cal, Medicare and with any lien doctors in order to seek reductions of any amounts that need to be repaid out of your settlement thereby putting more money in your pocket at the end of your personal injury case.

There can also be multiple insurance companies and insurance policies or a city which insured the vehicle which hit you. Failing to retain an experienced personal injury attorney can result in leaving money on the table when your accident case is settled.

As we pursue the parties responsible for your personal injury accident in California, we’ll guide you along during each step of the legal process so you can simply focus on returning to the health you enjoyed prior to your personal injury.

At the Palm Springs and Palm Desert Personal Injury Law Firm of Sebastian Gibson we look forward to assisting you in your recovery from what has undoubtedly been an extremely traumatic event in your life and hope to be speaking with you in the near future and answering any questions you might have about your personal injury case.

At the Law Firm of Sebastian Gibson, we have years of experience in California representing victims of various types of auto, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, scooter and pedestrian accidents, as well as Uber and Lyft accidents, and we’ve obtained millions and millions of dollars for our personal injury clients and the families of wrongful death victims in traffic accidents, not just those involving cars or trucks, but individuals and their passengers in cars, on motorcycles, pedestrians and bicycle riders as well over the past few decades.

We also specialize in personal injury matters throughout California which most attorneys aren’t familiar with. As the many articles we’ve written indicate, we offer representation to victims of landscaping truck accidents, waste, trash and garbage disposal truck accidents, recycling truck accidents, Fed Ex and UPS truck accidents.

We also specialize in ride sharing accidents such as accidents involving Uber and Lyft vehicles, car sharing accidents and car rental accidents and accidents involving scooters, motorcycles and electric vehicles and bikes. We’ve written extensively on self-driving cars and cars that exist today with self-driving features and as these vehicles become more common, it can be expected that attorney Sebastian Gibson will continue to be at the forefront of accident representation as a California self-driving accident lawyer.

If you’ve suffered a spinal cord injury, a traumatic brain injury, or even if you or a family member has been bitten or attacked by a dog, we can assist you with our years of experience with these personal injury cases as well.

If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident in Palm Springs or Palm Desert, in Newport Beach or anywhere in the Coachella Valley or Orange County in California, you deserve compensation for your injuries, your medical bills, your wage loss, pain and suffering and for any future medical bills, treatment and losses you can expect to incur as a result of the personal injury you’ve suffered.

Call Palm Springs and Palm Desert personal injury lawyer Sebastian Gibson today so we can start to compile the evidence and the medical records and bills of your treatment and where necessary, to refer you to medical experts so we can obtain the medical reports to assist us in our representation of you regarding your personal injury accident.

We’re the Law Offices of Sebastian Gibson. And we specialize in personal injury as we have for more than a quarter of a century in Palm Springs and Palm Desert.

Sebastian Gibson has been named a 2018 Top Personal Injury Lawyer for the 8th year in a row by Palm Springs Life Magazine.  Avvo, which rates attorneys across the nation also names Sebastian Gibson a “Superb” lawyer, their highest rating.

The Right Choice in Personal Injury Lawyers in Palm Springs and Palm Desert

Your Palm Springs Personal Injury Lawyer, Sebastian Gibson

If your personal injury accident occurred in a car or SUV, we’ll advise you and help you to get the most from an insurance company to either repair your car or if it’s totaled. And we won’t take a penny from you for helping you get what you’re entitled to for your repairs or the value of your car.

We handle these personal injury matters on contingency, which means you pay us nothing as the case goes along. We advance the costs of getting your medical records and bills, the police report and other evidence and we’re reimbursed for those costs, only if we obtain a personal injury settlement.

You pay us nothing for our attorney’s fees unless we obtain a personal injury settlement, judgment or a mediation or arbitration award. Which means, if we’ve taken on your case, we feel confident we can obtain money by way of a settlement or litigation.

We’ll refer you to doctors to treat your personal injuries and to refer your to personal injury specialists, whether you need a personal injury general practitioner, a personal injury orthopedic doctor, a personal injury chiropractor, a personal injury physical therapist, a personal injury neurologist, a personal injury pain management specialist, or another type of personal injury specialist.

We’ll collect evidence including the traffic collision report of your personal injury accident, take photos, obtain your medical records and bills and deal with the personal injury claims adjusters who would otherwise want to take a statement from you about your personal injuries and in doing so, attempt to find ways to blame some or all of your personal injury accident on you.

When you’ve finished with your medical treatment, we’ll put together a demand package to the insurance company involved in your personal injury case and begin negotiations of a personal injury settlement of your personal injury claim.

We’ll make recommendations to you as we keep you informed during the personal injury negotiations and we’ll seek to reduce any medical balances still owing in order to obtain the most possible for you from any personal injury settlement you choose to accept.

If the insurance company involved in your personal injury collision won’t make a fair offer of settlement for your personal injury and you prefer to proceed into litigation or a mediation, we’ll take the next step to obtain the compensation you deserve for your personal injury accident.

Why An Experienced Palm Springs Personal Injury Lawyer Is Necessary Obtain What You Deserve For Your Injuries No Matter Where Your Accident Has Occurred

It’s necessary to have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side in order to obtain the compensation you deserve because insurance companies simply don’t play fair. And they especially don’t play fair when you don’t have a personal injury lawyer.

Why? Because they know you haven’t hired a personal injury attorney because you want to just get a settlement. And knowing that, they know they can settle your personal injury claim for peanuts.

They’re also going to offer a lot fewer of those peanuts once they know you don’t intend to hire a personal injury lawyer knowing you probably don’t have all of your personal injury medical bills much less the personal injury treatment you should have received.

And since they figure you don’t realize the true value of your personal injury case or at least what it might have been worth if you’d had an experienced personal injury lawyer representing you and advising you with respect to your personal injury medical treatment, those peanuts they offer you for your personal injury will be dry and tasteless.

Personal injury insurance companies know it will be difficult to obtain a personal injury lawyer once you’ve attempted to settle your own case and the personal injury insurance adjuster has made a final determination as to the value of your personal injury claim.

From the moment you tell a personal injury adjuster that you don’t have a personal injury attorney, a personal injury insurance company assigns the case to a personal injury adjuster who knows how to make you believe you don’t need a personal injury lawyer because they’re so nice to talk to.

Some personal injury insurance companies have a different approach to not being fair. They simply don’t return your calls. Until that is, your case has dwindled to nothing because you’re desperate, you never obtained any personal injury medical treatment or very little, and you just want your personal injury case to be over.

In either situation, there’s no happy conclusion to your personal injury. You were hurt. And then you’ll be hurt again by the personal injury insurance company who does little or nothing for you in terms of offering a fair and reasonable personal injury settlement.

Fortunately, you’re not in that situation yet, right? There’s still time to call personal injury attorney Sebastian Gibson and to have your personal injury case handled right from the start.

The Personal Injury Gold Standard - Palm Springs Personal Injury Lawyer Sebastian Gibson

Palm Springs Personal Injury Lawyer Sebastian Gibson

With over 35 years of experience representing personal injury victims and other clients in California as well as internationally, Palm Springs and Palm Desert Personal Injury Attorney Sebastian Gibson is uniquely talented to represent you in your personal injury case.

Sebastian Gibson has dual law degrees in California and in Great Britain and he’s practiced law extensively in both countries. Sebastian Gibson specializes in personal injury and has practiced in Palm Springs and Palm Desert for well over a quarter of a century.

With offices in Palm Desert and Newport Beach, we’ll use our personal injury experience to seek every dollar possible in order to obtain the compensation you deserve for every pain and all the suffering you’ve had to endure from your personal injury, everything you’ve lost as a result of your personal injury accident, and all of the inconvenience and stress of your personal injury.

Call Palm Springs Personal Injury Attorney Sebastian Gibson today at (760) 776-1810 or email us at and take the stress of having to deal with those insurance companies off your shoulders and onto ours.

We can help you get through this with the least amount of stress. We’re here to help you and we’re very good at listening to your individual needs and concerns and answering all of your questions. Call us today and let us show you what we can do for you after a traumatic accident in California.