Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyer, London, Shoreditch, California, U.S.

U.S. Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyer, London and Shoreditch, and All of the U.K.

The Right Choice for UK Companies Needing A U.S. California Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyer Serving London and Shoreditch

Having acquired law degrees in both the U.S. and U.K. and over 40 years of experience as an attorney both in California and in London, Sebastian Gibson is the Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyer for your company in London, Shoreditch or anywhere in the U.S. when you have need of an attorney to handle your intellectual property matters in the U.S.

Sebastian Gibson has over 40 years of experience practicing as a lawyer both in California and in London and is a frequent visitor to London, primarily in the Shoreditch area to work on projects. He has been named a Top Lawyer for the past seven years, most recently in 2017, by the prestigious Palm Springs Life Magazine and has offices in the Palm Springs area in Palm Desert as well as Orange County offices in Newport Beach, California.

The U.S. Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyer You Need Today To Expand To The U.S. or Within the U.K.

In today’s world, the U.S. market is too big to ignore (even if our current President is a moron). Similarly, for American firms, the U.K. market is equally too important to not want to be doing business with. And whether you’re involved in a startup, developing an app, are growing an e-commerce website or are a writer, musician, artist manager, model, entertainer, a members of the entertainment industry involved in music, film, television, video games, theatre, screenwriting, advertising, gaming, comic book development or are an artist in another facet of the entertainment industry, the need for an experienced intellectual property lawyer in the U.S. who knows English law as well as American law and who can assist you from California and connect with you on any one of his frequent trips to the U.K. has never been greater for an individual in your situation.

If you have a company based in London, whether it’s in the Shoreditch area or anywhere in London, elsewhere in England, Wales or Scotland, or anywhere in Europe and you’re creating works and projects and wish to promote your creative works in the U.S., you shouldn’t rely on local solicitors to have extensive knowledge of U.S. law or laws in the individual states in America as U.S. laws are considerably different from U.K. laws in many respects and vary state to state as well, In addition, certain matters in the U.S. such as copyright and trademark laws and infringement litigation require knowledge of U.S. federal law as well.

U.S. Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyer Sebastian Gibson, serving California, the U.S., London, Shoreditch and the U.K.

U.S. Intellectual Property (IP) Attorney Sebastian Gibson

You can rely on California Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyer Sebastian Gibson not only when it comes to IP issues and contracts, but also for insurance questions, U.S. tax advice, incorporation in any of the states in the U.S., licensing matters, property law, litigation, dispute resolution by way of arbitration or mediation as well, U.S. copyright and trademark protection, copyright infringement and trademark infringement cease and desist letters and litigation in federal court, as well as for matters involving information technology. We specialize in drafting international business contracts for whatever your needs require.

We also represent writers in connection with publishing and agent agreements as well as their book options for film and television, film directors and producers, athletes, hotels, restaurants and bars with their ABC licensing and entertainment issues, and represent models throughout the U.S., particularly in New York and Los Angeles, as well as models in London, Tokyo and Milan.

An Experienced California and U.S. Business Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Sebastian Gibson we also represent individuals and companies with their corporate matters, LLC formations, civil and transactional matters, insurance claims, business fraud and misrepresentation litigation, breach of fiduciary duty litigation, commercial leases, real estate non-disclosure litigation, partnership agreements and joint venture agreements.

An Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyer Experienced in Information Technology (IT)

Specializing in entertainment law, the Law Offices of Sebastian Gibson can also assist you in all of your creative endeavors. We represent writers, musicians, artist managers, talent agents, models, entertainers, and members of the entertainment industry involved in music, film, television, video games, theatre, screenwriting, advertising, gaming, comic book development and artists in other facets of the entertainment industry.

We represent models, hair and makeup artists, athletes and sports figures. We also are involved in product endorsement deals, and have considerable experience with publicity rights and privacy rights cases and the misuse of images in advertising without proper releases. We also represent fashion and jewelry designers, artists, musicians, authors, and others who due to their wonderful talent create works of great beauty for this generation and generations to come.

We can also assist you with information technology matters including software development, information technology transfers and transactions, regulatory compliance, licensing, warranties, indemnification, insurance subrogation, indemnification, data privacy and security, e-commerce, end user license agreements, service agreements, breach of contract disputes, intellectual property ownership disputes, and electronic signature government regulations.

We work closely with computer specialists in order to assist clients to protect their websites, e-commerce platforms, and client data from hackers, virus infections, file corruption and other security breaches.

California Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyer Sebastian Gibson, The Right Choice in London, Shoreditch and the U.K.

The Right Choice for All Your Intellectual Property (IP) Needs in London and Throughout the U.S.

Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyer Sebastian Gibson has decades of experience in representing cutting edge companies and creative individuals throughout the U.S. during his years of practicing law both in the U.S. and in London.

Sebastian Gibson is also a published writer having authored a political humor novel in 2012 and is also currently at work on a three novel political thriller. While working in London, Sebastian Gibson also wrote and recorded a musical on the life of Shakespeare and since then has written articles for both the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal Newspapers.

In addition to being named a Top Lawyer for the past 7 years in a row, Sebastian Gibson has a “Superb” rating from Avvo, their highest rating, which rates attorneys across the U.S.