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With the growth of music festivals in the Palm Springs, Indio and Coachella area, the Coachella Valley has become one of the fastest growing entertainment and musically creative areas in California.  Despite this, entertainment lawyers in the Coachella Valley and even those in Orange County with the talent and experience of Sebastian Gibson are far and few between. When you need of a lawyer who understands the industry, Sebastian Gibson is a recognized leader in this specialized area.

Sebastian Gibson began as a musician and songwriter performing internationally and on national TV, and later became a published author and attorney representing models, artists and sports figures around the world. His entertainment experience gives him an inside understanding of the industry, and after obtaining law degrees in both the U.S. and Great Britain and many years of practice both in the U.S. and in England, his combined experience give him a distinct advantage over other attorneys.

Palm Springs and Newport Beach Entertainment Attorney is the right choice today, the counsel you keep tomorrow for your entertainment matters in California and internationally. You’ll find us where justice and knowledge meet with compassion and creativity.  Bigger is fine, smarter is better.  Sebastian Gibson is the right choice for you and for all your entertainment endeavors today and for the future.

Model Representation, Model Management and Modeling Law

As one of the most knowledgeable lawyers in the field of modeling law, Sebastian Gibson reviews a great many modeling contracts offered to aspiring models throughout the U.S. and around the world. He is extremely well versed with the terms in such contracts and can advise not only models but also their parents in the case of minors, what can be dangerous to the career of a model and what provisions need to be changed or eliminated to protect their interests.

Sebastian Gibson also advises models seeking to terminate a modeling agency agreement and will protect a model’s rights when a model management entity or mother agency threatens to sue a model and when a photographer or advertiser utilizes images of a model without a properly signed release.

Music, Film, Television, and Theatrical Productions

In the entertainment field, if you are an actor, screenwriter, director, producer, musician, songwriter or other person involved in the entertainment industry, you’re commonly faced with difficult to understand and complex one-sided entertainment agreements drafted solely to protect others in your project. Sebastian Gibson can explain, negotiate and redraft the agreements provided or needed by you, utilizing more easily understood language, which still anticipates all the contingencies which may arise and uses of your creative work so your interests in the project are protected.

Among the areas within the entertainment industry with which we specialize are the following:

Celebrity Representation, Publicity and Privacy Rights

As a celebrity or as anyone who has acquired fame or been in the spotlight for even a brief period of time, when your photos, likeness, name, film, videos, drawings, paintings or voice are used without your authority or a properly signed release in an advertising campaign on television, in print, on billboards, the internet or in other media, your publicity rights and privacy rights have been violated and you may be entitled to damages.

While this type of action more commonly involves the rights of a celebrity such as an actor, sports figure or model, this type of case can arise even when a celebrity is not involved and their image or other aspect of their persona has been exploited to further the commercial success and profits of another.

A person’s right to privacy may also be invaded by unreasonable intrusions upon their seclusion, by publicly placing them in a false light, or by making public certain facts of their private life they would have preferred to keep private.

Should this happen to you, you need to contact Sebastian Gibson as soon as possible. Our office represents celebrities and sports figures in advertising, modeling and endorsement deals. With our additional expertise in copyright and trademark infringement cases and intellectual property (IP), we have the knowledge to pursue the damages you’re entitled to for the exploitation of you and your creative works, and the violation of your publicity and privacy rights.

Artists, Fashion and Jewelry Design

In addition to resolving disputes between artists and art galleries, we protect the interests of fashion and jewelry designers from trademark infringement by taking every step possible to protect the works of our clients against those who would produce knockoffs or otherwise infringe the trademarks of our clients and seek to profit from our clients’ creations.

Copyright and Trademark Infringement

After you have put in all the effort to write a script, compose a piece of music, or create a unique fashion design or art work, you want to retain and maintain the profits and legal rights to which you’re entitled when your work is produced, published, performed and distributed. If your works are being copied, reproduced or utilized without your permission, we can file suit, seek temporary restraining orders, permanent injunctions, and ex parte seizure orders, work with law enforcement and utilize resources around the world to fight multi-jurisdiction distribution of counterfeit goods which infringe your copyrights or trademarks.

As a former songwriter, musician, performer and a published author with decades of experience in business, entertainment and international law having practiced both in California and in London, Sebastian Gibson is uniquely qualified to protect your rights in all of these areas.

Palm Springs Entertainment Attorney Sebastian Gibson

Palm Springs and Newport Beach Business, Entertainment and Personal Injury Attorney Sebastian Gibson has a prestigious history of helping individuals with their entertainment business contracts and entertainment disputes, and with entertainment contracts, disputes and other entertainment matters, with accidents, insurance claims, trademarks, misuse of images in advertising, publicity and privacy rights, and with celebrity and sports representation throughout California from Palm Springs to Orange County, throughout California and internationally.

If you’ve had an accident on a film set, or an auto, motorcycle, big rig truck, pedestrian or bicycle accident in the course of your work in the entertainment industry and need a Palm Springs entertainment attorney with personal injury experience for your injuries or need an experienced Palm Springs business and entertainment attorney for your business or entertainment matters anywhere in California or internationally, call attorney Sebastian Gibson. Sebastian Gibson has now been named a 2017 Top Lawyer for the 7th year in a row by Palm Springs Life Magazine.  Sebastian has also been recognized as a “Superb” Lawyer by Avvo, their highest rating, which rates attorneys all across the U.S.

With law degrees in both California and in Great Britain, and decades of experience in California and internationally in film, theatre and music recording in the entertainment industry, with celebrity representation of models, entertainers and sports figures, with trademark protection, intellectual property, misuse of images in advertising, publicity and privacy rights, publishing, modeling and international law, Palm Springs and Newport Beach entertainment attorney Sebastian Gibson has been the attorney of choice for decades by individuals with the need of an experienced business and entertainment lawyer with the experience to handle matters in a swift and cost effective manner and personal injury matters when they arise.

With offices in Palm Desert and Newport Beach, personal injury and accident cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. Business and entertainment matters are handled at an hourly rate or a flat rate which we will endeavor to make affordable to your situation.

Palm Springs Business, Entertainment and Personal Injury Attorney Sebastian Gibson is ready to represent you and help you obtain the resolution you deserve. Serving all of California, from Palm Desert and Newport Beach we’re here to represent individuals not only throughout Orange County and the Coachella Valley, but clients from around the world who seek Sebastian’s counsel on a variety of issues including entertainment law, accident and personal injury and business law.

Whether you’re a musician, songwriter, author, model, actor, producer, director or any other type of artist or person in film, music recording, television, theatre or the creative arts or are a fashion designer of clothing or jewelry, the California law firm of Sebastian Gibson is the right choice and is ready to assist you with your endeavors in the entertainment industry.  

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